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This is not an easy question to answer because the fitting price depends on lots of different factors. For example a 6m high ceiling takes longer to install than a 3m high ceiling, and a 30m2 corridor ceiling is usually more time-consuming than 30m2 of ceiling in a single room due to the additional cutting of the edge tiles.

Raking and curved walls also add extra labour time, and then there is the possibility of the ceiling void being cluttered with services and cable trays, making the ceiling installers job much more difficult. The size of the false ceiling also makes a huge difference to the cost and that’s all before you have even decided which type of ceiling panel you’d like installed.

If I still haven’t convinced you to ring Chris At C And G Ceilings & Partitions for a quotation then I would suggest you allow a figure somewhere in the region of £15-25/m2 which should cover you for a budget lay-in mineral fibre suspended ceiling approximately 50-250m2 in size. If the area is from 1000-5000m2 in size you could be looking from as little as £11-£14/m2 supplied and installed.

For an accurate price though, you need to contact  Chris At C And G Ceilings & Partitions.

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